Kim Henry Arts
Pastels and Mixed Media

Kim Henry

A Distant Country

Art is a wonderful diversion from my part-time work in environmental consulting.  I started taking classes in watercolors and pastels through adult education programs in communities around Groton, Massachusetts where I live with my family.  After several classes with Wendy Boston, I was hooked on pastels, because they can be picked up, put down and carried anywhere.

A workshop with Michael Chesley Johnson introduced me to plein air painting.  When I have the time, I enjoy the challenge of working outdoors and capturing the changing light.  Most of the time though, I find myself working from photos at night. I carry my digital camera with me wherever I go!

My family and I spend much of our vacation time in the west of Ireland, where my husband was born.  The vistas and quality of light in Ireland are unique, but I feel most at home painting the woods and shores of New England.